Office 365 Polycom VVX handset firmware update loop

Microsoft has confirmed an issue with Polycom VVX handsets connected to Office 365 Skype for Business online.

The handsets are continuously attempting to download a firmware update that was published in Office 365 over the weekend. The update then fails to install, forcing the handset into a continuous reboot loop.

One thing to note is that currently, setting Set-CsIPPhonePolicy -EnableDeviceUpdate to $false has no effect and does not prevent the update from being pushed down to the handset.

Microsoft is working to resolve this issue.

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Michael Griffith
Michael Griffith
7 years ago

I ran Set-CsIPPhonePolicy -EnableDeviceUpdate $false and you’re right, it didn’t have an effect on most of the phones I had in production. However, every new VVX-501 that I have deployed since has not had the problem. I have a ticket open with Microsoft and am eagerly awaiting a resolution like everyone else.

7 years ago

Strangely the VVX-311 is not doing the same. Just the 501 & 601s are stuck in this loop.

6 years ago

Just FYI that I was able to fix this issue on my phones by standing up a temporary FTP server and pointing the phones to it so that it could update itself. I think the “update loop” basically caused the existing copies of the firmware to get destroyed on the phones, so had to do a factory reset and push the latest version manually and all’s back to normal now.