Microsoft Teams Q&A – Part 1

With all the recent announcements around Microsoft Teams, here’s a short video that should answer some of your burning questions.

For an up to date list of all Microsoft Teams Questions and Answers, check out the forever growing Microsoft Teams Q&A page.

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Laurence buchanan
6 years ago

Great stuff Craig. As software developers based in sydney and Canberra we are looking at teams to bring together our external consultants on future developments. I think the challenge will be to have controls in place to capture the important documents created and place them into our company secure document store which is on premises. Ps. Great spot to do the filming.

Greg Plum
6 years ago

Great overview of the big unknown… Greatly appreciated! As a third party SfB hoster offering enterprise voice, I get asked the exact same questions. I am glad we are all navigating these uncharted waters together! Ultimately, there will be an integrated collaboration feature, regardless of what name you give it.

Wasif Abidi
6 years ago

I just hope Microsoft does not eliminate Skype for Business without fully converting the solutions in Team. we have lot of vendors who have apps, hardware support in Skype for Business. based on what you shared there is a lot of no! what team can support.

Axel Rimkus
Axel Rimkus
6 years ago

nice summary ! thx craig!