Error 3007 – Skype for Business Server – LS Replica Replicator Agent Service could not be started

I recently updated a production pool from Lync 2013 to Skype for Business and in doing so, provisioned a temporary 40GB volume per server to act as temporary storage for the Skype for Business update installer to do its thing.

Whilst performing some clean up tasks, I removed the 40GB volume (E drive in my case) from each server, rebooted and noticed that the Skype for Business Replicator Agent Service failed to start.

Checking the event logs showed the following:

Event ID 3007
LS Replica Replicator Agent Service
Skype for Business Server 2015, Replica Replicator Agent Service could not be started.

Additionally, running Get-CSManagementStoreReplicationStatus reported that the servers in question were out of date.


Thankfully, the solution is a simple one:

  1. Create an attached disk – 1 GB is more than enough.
  2. Bring the disk online, being sure to assign the same drive letter as before (in my case – E:\)
  3. Start the Skype for Business Server Replica Replicator Agentservice
  4. You’ll notice that an RtcReplicaRoot folder has been created on your new disk, and the Replica Agent Service is now running
  5. Stop the Skype for Business Server Replica Replicator Agentservice
  6. Browse to your newly attached disk, RTCReplicaRoot and then right-click on the xds-replica folder and choose Properties
  7. In the security tab click Advanced
  8. Change the Owner of the folder and all contains files and folders to yourself
  9. Delete the xds-replica folder and all of its contents
  10. Mark your newly attached drive as OFFLINE (removing it from the server)
  11. Open Programs and Features in the control panel
  12. Select Skype for Business Server 2015, Core Components and click Repair
  13. Open Services and change the Skype for business server replica replicator agent service from disabled to Automatic (Delayed), and start the service.
  14. When the server and services start, run Invoke-CSManagementStoreReplication
  15. Within a few minutes, replication will start working again.
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