Microsoft Teams Rooms, Android 10 and Intune Enrollment

With the move to Android 10 on Android-based Teams Room devices, there’s been a shift in how Intune identifies corporate devices.

Serial Number Corporate Identification

Back in Android 9 (and prior versions), you had a number of choices in how to identify your meeting room device as a corporate device in Intune, to allow it to enroll if you didn’t allow personal devices to enroll.

One of these methods was to use the serial number of the device. After all, generally speaking serial numbers are pretty unique (but not entirely unique!).

With the move to Android 10, some devices are no longer providing Azure AD and Intune the devices serial number. That means if you’re using this method in your corporate device identifiers list today in Intune, this will stop working.

Are All Android 10 Device Affected?

No. Based on initial testing, this only appears to be affecting a subset of Android 10 devices. Others appear to be working fine.

Supporting Android 10

If you currently utilise serial number identification for Teams Room Devices, you’ll more than likely want to change this to using Security Groups instead.

This change would see you creating a security group that contains your Teams Meeting Room user accounts, and then creating a device enrollment restriction policy that allows personal devices to enroll so long as they are part of this security group.

What about Teams Phones?

This may affect teams phones too that move to Android 10. In that case, you’d need to do the same and allow the device to enroll as a personally owned device.

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