Copilot now available to more Microsoft customers

In the infamous words of Oprah – (mostly) everyone gets a Copilot!

Copilot Available to Purchase for More Customers

Microsoft announced earlier today that Copilot is now available to purchase by Small and Medium sized businesses as well as existing commercial customers. Customers with Microsoft 365 Business Standard or Microsoft 365 Business Premium subscriptions can now purchase Copilot for Microsoft 365 for $30 (USD) per user per month.

The previous minimum licensing purchase of 300 licenses has been removed too, meaning customers can purchase as little as 1 license to start off with.

Microsoft have also removed the Microsoft 365 (M365 licensing) prerequisite for Copilot, by extending Semantic Index for Copilot to Office 365 (O365 licensing) users with a paid Copilot license. Semantic Index works with the Copilot System and the Microsoft Graph to create a sophisticated map of all the data and content in your organization—enabling Microsoft 365 Copilot to deliver personalized, relevant, and actionable responses. 

New Copilot Pro Licensing

Also announced was a new licensing SKU called Copilot Pro. This $20 USD add-on to the “Free” version of Copilot that’s available today gives users the ability to use Copilot inside Office applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote and Outlook), and have priority access to the LLM. Commercial data protection is included too – meaning that the LLM doesn’t use any information sent to it to train itself.

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