Microsoft User Voice Feedback

This page contains a collection of links to Microsoft Teams user voice feedback that I have submitted or participated in. Feel free to vote for features that you’d find useful too!

You can find my User Voice profile here:

Automatic Follow-up Flags in Outlook

BUG: Audio issues when re-joining call after wifi drop

Music On Hold

BUG: Change voicemail greeting link does not appear on Yealink handsets

Transfer to voicemail option for inbound calls

BUG: Search results dont appear if window is too small

Skype Integration (Consumer Federation)

Add support for streaming hold music

Larger join button on phone

Multi-window for chat and more

Double-click within Teams calendar to schedule new meeting

Allow drag and drop from Outlook into Teams

Ability to see who is in a channel

Use Multiple Teams accounts at the same time

Support for private channels

Collapse or expand conversations

Collapse All button

Include Office 365 Group Calendar in Teams

Need full capabilities of planner in Teams

Continue Email conversation in Teams

Add ability to close/hide conversation